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About Little BeeHaven

What is Little BeeHaven?

“I love to read magazines about nature, gardening, homesteading and pioneering. In one of the magazine articles, I read about a lady gardener that purchased a hive of honey bees to help pollinate her flower garden. She became so fascinated with the honey bees’ hardworking character and mannerisms, she added more hives to her garden. Through her story, I too became fascinated with honey bees and decided to start beekeeping.

In the spring of 2011, my husband and I purchased our first beehive. Soon afterwards, our first hive swarmed, and we started another hive. True to the story I read, honeybees are fascinating and also addictive to watch; mesmerizing in a sense. After researching and attending seminars and a beekeeping class, we learned the population of the honeybee is diminishing and that they play a very important role to our food supply and survival. We also learned that no two beekeepers are alike, they have their own preferred way of managing their bees, and always have a great bee story to tell. Our small town hosts a local beekeeper’s association, but the closest bee supplier is about an hour’s drive away. We felt the need for a more localized bee supplier in our community.  So from our joy of learning about bees, owning our own hives, and meeting some really wonderful beekeepers, the desire of starting a bee supply store surfaced. Thus, the beginnings of Little BeeHaven, LLC.

Little BeeHaven is a small country store that offers bee supplies and a diverse selection of gifts and country home décor. We are excited about our new journey and are committed to do our best to service our customers with quality products and offer respectful, friendly service. Our goal is to help broaden the beekeeping appeal by educating our community about the importance of honey bees, and the joy and satisfaction that beekeeping brings. Come join us on our bee journey; and become good stewards by learning about bees and helping with their survival. Even if owning a hive is not your preference, you can contribute by planting bee-friendly plants as a food source; and be careful of using dangerous pesticides that can destroy whole colonies of bees. Together, we can fight to protect these beneficial creatures.

I give thanks to God and to Him be the Glory”.


Little BeeHaven is a safe haven, a refuge, a protected place for bees that is surrounded by trees, blooming flowers, and trickling streams. A hive full of golden honey. A happy, country place where all is wonderful.

Little BeeHaven, LLC

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